Friday, June 27, 2014

Home Away From Home

Chip Off the Old Block, Mixed Media on 3D Wood Construction
One of the formative experiences in my life was renovating a "Handyman Special" with my husband in the Berkshires. Through this process, I realized, how affected I was by renovations around me and my connection to our house/home. When it was in disarray, so was I: when it came together so did I. It made me reflect how women through the ages are connected to house and home - raising families, cooking, cleaning.  A wonderful Yankee carpenter who patiently renovated our Berkshire home, built these 3D constructions of houses, which I designed with the leftover wood from renovations.(thus bringing it closer to home for me). In promoting my vision, I superimpose the shapes of woman's (breasts, pregnant bellies) on these iconic houses so these houses become an extension of a woman's body.

A Piece of Heaven, Oil on wood construction

Of late, I've revisited a "body" of work that I had set aside for the last few years while I focused my attention to printmaking and producing art exhibitions.As I was reworking this piece, an old friend re-entered my life briefly, polishing tarnished memories and helping me name this piece, Moon & Sun.  All these experiences,
building a home, revisiting past experiences enrich my life and my work. Art imitating life.

This Summer I will be exhibiting this "body" of work at the Berkshire Community College Intermodal Gallery, One Columbus Ave, (Corner on North St.) Pittsfield. The artist reception will be Friday, August 1 during the Pittfield Arts Walk


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