Friday, April 12, 2019

Open House

Open Houses, my new series is the result of a collaboration with Tim Holcomb, a theatre and visual artist. Tim recycled former stage sets and designed these two intersecting houses for this new body of work. He left the residue from it's previous incarnation on the houses for me to play off of with paint, collage and remnants from renovating my home studio in the Berkshires. These Open Houses are the results....
Angel House, Acrylic, Collage on Wood 

Home on the Range, Collage, Paint on Wood

Friday, February 1, 2019

Sunday, November 12, 2017

HomeBody Queen

HomeBody Queen in all her glory, at APE Gallery, Main. St., Northampton, MA
for the month of November. 
HomeBody Queen (aka Terry Rooney) at opneing reception, APE Gallery, Northampton,

Thursday, March 2, 2017 Liberty

Monoprint & Drawing
I'm honored to be selected by curator, Doris Weiner Madsen to exhibit my monoprints in the Pathways exhibit at Elusie Gallery in Easthampton, MA during the BookFest opening on April 8th, 5-8 PM at the Old Town Hall. The gallery will be presenting my Liberty and the Immigrants monoprint, a detail of this piece is presented here. Also my first monoprint House Book which I've collaborated with artist/carpenter Tim Holcomb who is constructing a wooden house construction featuring the Statue of Liberty and the search for a home in our country is these perilous times. 

 Here are some of my thoughts on this subject:

House Book, folded
Is “Liberty” and all that the statue in New York Harbor stands for being diminished? My artwork explores this question in light of ways our government has been limiting our “liberty” at home in the name of national security.

My ancestors were welcomed by “The Statue of Liberty” and she was born in its very shadow. Perhaps that is why this figure became a central theme in this artists’ work for more than 30 years. Since Lady Liberty witnessed the devastation of 9/11, Rooney and what the statue stands for have been in harm’s way. The work in this exhibit asks political and philosophical questions to provoke gallery visitors to reevaluate our government’s response to terrorism.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Woman's Body & The House

The House/Home is an extension of the woman's body. Woman are usually the caregivers of the home, we cook, clean, decorate and raise our children there. Usually spending many more hours in the house then our partners/husbands do. So as I grow older, I've thrown caution to the wind and what was a suggestion of the woman's figure before (pregnant bellies, breasts and curves) have become more obvious and playful. Sometimes bosoms appear in the front of my 3D house contructions, other times they are hidden else where on these wooden house constructions. I encourage viewers to move around the houses, becoming active participants in looking at these Luscious Houses. This is like the game of "Hide & Seek."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Altered Books - Houses Popping Up

Working on my artist book for the upcoming exhibit at MAP in  Eastworks, Easthampton. I'm having fun combining a box book with a small house construction. They speak to each other, the title is "Trashy Novel" Altered Books, curated by John Landino opened this weekend, April 9 with a performance and warm reception. 
Trashy Novel, Mixed Media on wood construction

Monday, February 22, 2016

Costa Rica with My Sister

Toucan on our balcony Hotel Parador, Manuel Antonio
It been a long time since I visited Costa Rica, over 25 years. It's beauty still enchants me and I rediscovered it's gifts with my sister who lived there for a time...
Annie & Amos at Manuel Antonio Nat'l Park
On our balcony Manuel Antonio

Some of the highlights were discovering Arenal Volcano with it's cascading hot springs with waterfalls and tropical surroundings. Also we rediscovered the beauty of Manuel Antonio and the beach in the National Park with it's jungle down to the water.The founders of Costa Rica in their infinite wisdom, made a rule that you could not develop within 150 meters of the beach, so the jungle comes right down to the water, as well as the wildlife. One of our favorite places to visit was the "Doctor's Beach" in Manuel Antonio National Park, where white headed capucin monkeys visited at our blanket and on our balcony. There was a blue rope over the road to our AirBnb for the breakfast and dinner run. The howler monkeys also scampered across our roof to the fruit trees in the back yard. How's that for nature at your doorstep?

My sister and our dear friend Amos Bien, started the oldest and purest Rain Forest Preserve Rara Avis over 30 years ago in northern Costa Rica which has a spectacular waterfall. This is a tour for the adventurous spirit with over 300 different varieties of birds in this virgin rain forest.

Annie at Manuel Antonio
Amos & Me
Footprints on the beach, Doctor's Beach Manuel Antonio