These House Constructions are made with the left-over wood from renovating my home/studio in the Berkshires. I realized through the process of fixing a "handyman's special" how connected as a woman, we are to house/home. When it was in upheaval, so was I, when it came together, so did I. These houses are the extension of a woman's body.

Terry Rooney

Ring of Fire, Oil on Wood 

Caught Between 2 Worlds, Sun & Moon, Oil on Wood

Hope for the Future, Oil on Wood

Innocence Abroad, Oil on Wood

Liberty, Oil on Wood

Mother Earth, Oil on Wood

Sideview of Ring of Fire & Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming (side view), Oil on Wood

Arab Spring, Oil on Wood

Chip Off the Old Block, Mixed Media on Wood 3D

Piece on Earth, Oil on Wood

Caught Between Two Worlds

Dorothy at the Crossroads (OZ), Mixed Media on Wood with Ruby Slippers

Crossroads Detail