Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Angel and The Tree

The Angel and The Tree, Mixed  on Wood

This new sculptural painting is a continuation of my exploration of House/Home, this is the first house which is part of a new series entitled Extended Houses.

This is the other side of The Angel and The Tree, I let the grain of the wood structure show through, playing off the grain and knots in the wood. The outline of the house  was inspired by 3 knots in the upper part of the large house on this side. The drawing on this side captures energy within me and chaos around us. 


Monday, July 1, 2019

Home Maker

Yes, I'm a Home Maker, in more ways than one. The theme of my works for years has been the image of a house,(usually 3-D constructions) that are an extension of a woman's body. I'm not sure if the motivation for my creating and building these houses is because I'm a child of a broken home and I'm trying to hold our home and family together. Or reflecting my present life, with a caring husband whose shared many joys and challenges in our life together. It seems of late, as become a superior woman, I've thrown caution to the winds and have become more explicit in my new work.

Working Title, Woman's Village with Wounded Warrior, Multi media House construction.

Lately my work combines multiple houses together, capturing a sense of community or alienation. It feels in these unsettled times, it's important to come together and support each other.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Open House

Open Houses, my new series is the result of a collaboration with Tim Holcomb, a theatre and visual artist. Tim recycled former stage sets and designed these two intersecting houses for this new body of work. He left the residue from it's previous incarnation on the houses for me to play off of with paint, collage and remnants from renovating my home studio in the Berkshires. These Open Houses are the results....
Angel House, Acrylic, Collage on Wood 

Home on the Range, Collage, Paint on Wood

Friday, February 1, 2019