Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reaching the Masses

Ring of Fire,  Mixed Media on Wood, 3D construct
My exhibition Home Away From Home at Berkshire Community college Gallery, 1 Columbus Ave., Pittsfield features my 3D constructions on wood of houses (as an extension of the woman's body.) This gallery, which is in the transportation center in Pittsfield has a long glass wall in front of the bus stop. The following day after the installation a group of bus drivers were waiting outside the gallery, asked the staff to let them into the gallery before it opened, the bus drivers wanted a closer look at the artwork to see how I constructed them. They declared after getting a closer look at these pieces, that they were "Paintings". I was so tickled to hear this story, as one of my goals in creating this work, is to reach they everyday man, woman, child; to make the artwork accessible to someone who may not have an arts education, to enjoy this work. This story warms my heart.

Home Away From Home is on view until August 30 and can be seen from the street. Gallery Hours by chance.