Thursday, December 26, 2013

Arts Centers Blossoming in the Valley

It had been my hope, while I was Chair of the Amherst Public Arts Commission to re-utilize a decommission school (East St. School) to make the Amherst Arts Center. While gathering a group of knowledgeable and influential people to help me plan this arts center, it became apparent (to me) that in order to make this happen, I would have to give up my own artwork,  as well as significant personal & family time and devoted myself completely to this endeavor which would have involved constant fundraising. After a lot of soul searching, I realized that at this stage of my life that it was more than I cared to sacrifice. So I was so pleased to hear that a new arts center is being created in a former bank building in South Deerfield, by an entrepreneurial spirit, Fiber Artist, Jane Trigere. She has three goals for the Deerfield Arts Bank - have fun, build community and pay the bills. She has asked me to "mentor" her and help organize some exhibits. The first exhibit will highlight artists from Deerfield during the month of April. Later this Spring a call for art from artists in the Pioneer Valley will be posted. If you would like to be consider for either of these exhibits send 3 low res jpegs to directly or links to your websites for consideration of our exhibition committee.

This Arts Center is still evolving, there will be art classes, art supply store, performances and many wonderful events to enrich the cultural life of the Pioneer Valley. 

Also more good news on the Arts Center front is that the Northampton Center for the Arts has found a new home at 33 Hawley St, Northampton.

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