Thursday, May 10, 2012

Terry's Women

As I was working in the studio this week, taking a break from production of the White House Project and the Amherst Biennial. I noticed there were a lot of women hanging out in my studio. Dorothy from OZ was visiting, as well as several  Lady Liberty's. Well, I guess I live through their worlds, Dorothy is at the Crossroads, and yes there are times I don't know which way to go, the road less travelled?. And the Statue of Liberty, well she represents all that's good in America. So in these volatile times it's no wonder, I'm drawn to her (no pun intended)

This installation shot at OZ: from Toto's Point of View was taken by John Polak at the Nash Gallery, Easthampton in '08. I had just moved my father into assisted living with Alzheimer's. I never really finished this body of work since I was suffering from pneumonia in the run up to this show. Only now am I able to come back to this work with new eyes. This piece has changed greatly this Spring. Dorothy is more grounded in my reworked piece; she's older and wiser now. If my co-curators agree, I'd like to install this piece in the Biennial and invite the public to bring their ruby slippers to celebrate "There's no place like home." It seems the White House project encourage my return to this work. Thanks Peter. <>

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